The Four Underlying Causes of Teen Acne

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In order to find an effective long-term solution to teen acne, it’s important to understand the underlying cause of it. As you’ll see, the causes of teen acne can vary based on person and stage of life. What may cause your teenager acne right now, may not be what will cause it in the future. Seasons can change. Our body’s needs can change as well.

Four Main Causes of Teen Acne


Where can you go to get away from stress?? For teenagers growing up in the world today, stress is inevitable. In fact, research has shown that American teenagers today (growing up in a post-911 world) face more anxiety than any other generation before. Maybe your child has developed some good ways to adapt to the stressors, but I guarantee you that the stress and anxiety are lurking just beneath the surface. And all that extra stress can easily manifest itself into nice, visible pimples—that can then cause even more stress!

stress can cause teen acne

Stress and anxiety–which are plentiful for teenagers today–can easily cause teen acne. (Photo Credit: PauReynoso Flickr via Compfight cc)


Most people know this one, right? Hormonal changes are also inevitable as your young child blossoms into a young adult. The severity of the hormone swings can indicate exactly how bad the acne becomes and how long it sticks around. If you notice the acne flairing up in a cyclical pattern, then you can bet that hormones are playing a role.

Toxic Sludge

toxic build up and teen acne

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Toxic build-up—or “sludge” as I like to refer to it—is a little less recognized when it comes to acne problems. If your teen has a sluggish waste-removal system, this can also cause acne issues. Why? Think of it like a plugged-up toilet. When the waste can’t go down and out, it’s going to come up and out. Yeah, I know. That’s a really gross word picture, but it’s true. I’ve seen so many helped with acne issues simply by helping their bodies be more efficient at detoxifying.

Oily, Unbalanced skin

I had this oily-skin issue myself all through high school and into college. I was really embarrassed by it—especially when my face would leave oil & make-up stains on my boyfriend’s shirt! (Yes, it was that bad.) However, our skin is a growing, living organism and has the power to heal and change as well when it’s given the right nutrients and minerals. In fact, I discovered that when I started on my own nutritional program many years ago, my skin pH actually balanced out as a surprising side benefit. I’m so thankful that I can pass this knowledge onto my own kids—and to other parents, like you! Your skin pH can change!

causes of teen acne

Though there are four main causes of teen acne, they rarely operate alone. (Photo Credit: liftandglowpro Flickr via Compfight cc)

What if Acne is Caused By More Than One Thing?

I knew you were going to ask that next. Yes, as you might suspect, most teens have several things going on that are causing their acne issue.  They are all facing hormone fluctuations in addition to any of the other causes above.  And this is why I absolutely LOVE the nutritional combination approach to healing it up!

Super-charged nutritional support has the power to address several issues at one time. Unlike the over-used antibiotics from you dermatologist, the nutrition piece can heal teen acne at the root cause(s) AND boost your child’s immune system at the same time. Sweet!

The Best Way to Get To the Root of The Teen Acne Issue?

Our online Kids’ Symptom Assessment can give a big picture overview of what is going on in your child’s body and what nutrients can help address those problems. This is the best first step to take when it comes to setting up an effective nutritional program.

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Bonnie Hershey currently serves as a business and nutrition coach with their business, Hershey Holistic Health. She holds an undergrad degree in education, and a certification in Practical Nutrition from the Northwest Academy of Practical Nutrition. She has over 20 years of leadership experience and enjoys encouraging others in their personal growth.


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