Symptom Assessment and Health Coaching Pack

Get A Simple Plan for Guaranteed Health Benefits in 30 Days With Our Symptom Assessment Coaching Pack!

  • Pinpoint specific nutrients that your child’s body needs for better health with our Kids’ Symptom Assessment.
  • Discover what is going on ‘underneath the surface’ of your child’s symptoms.
  • Receive ongoing, personal health coaching as you navigate the first 30 days.
  • See health benefits in the first 30 days or your money back!
  • Learn how to keep your child well long into the future.

“When we give our body the right nutrients in the right amounts delivered to the right places, it has an amazing ability to heal itself.”

Kids symptom assessment online

Step 1: Fill Out The Online Symptom Assessment

  • Purchase the Coaching Pack here via PayPal or Major Credit Card.
  • Receive the link and password to the online assessment form.
  • Fill out the online assessment.  Takes only a few minutes!
Health Coaching Call

Step 2: Schedule Your First Health Coaching Appointment to Go Over the Results & Program Options

  • Pinpoint specific nutrients that your child’s body needs for better health.
  • Understand how those nutrients will help your child’s body.
  • Discover what is going on ‘underneath the surface’ of your child’s symptoms.
  • Ask Questions, and Be Heard.
  • Save TONS of time and money from having to research less-effective alternatives.
You got this

Step 3: Get Started Toward Guaranteed Health Benefits!

  • Purchase the nutritional support products you need to see changes this month.
  • All of our products come with a 100% money-back guarantee.
symptom assessment and coaching pack

Step 4: Receive Ongoing, Personal Coaching as You Navigate the First 30 Days.

  • Receive up to 60 min/week of personalized coaching.
  • Ask questions as you go along.
  • Know how to tweak nutritional pieces to meet your child’s needs.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How will this assessment benefit me if my child is overweight?”

With so many children struggling with weight today, it is not uncommon to have other health issues going on at the same time. Many times these health issues and the weight gain are interconnected. This assessment reveals the missing nutrients your child’s body needs and any other issues that need to be addressed.

“Why is this symptom assessment important if my child struggles with ear infections or recurring sicknesses?”

Usually a child struggling with the above symptoms also has other health issues going on too. Often times, these symptoms are treated as separate issues–a pediatrician may prescribe a medicine for one symptom, a cream for another, and still another medicine for something else. However, a symptom assessment is crucial to seeing how all these seemingly unrelated symptoms could all have a common cause. Our symptom assessment provides a panoramic view of your child’s health.

What if I just want a prevention and immune-boosting program for my child?

We always encourage parents to start with the symptom assessment regardless of their goal. As a parent, it can be easy to overlook certain symptoms and define them as “normal behavior” when they may indeed be pointing to something else. We believe in helping families toward optimal health, not just picking and choosing certain areas to target. If there are other issues going on, then it is essential to know before starting any type of nutritional program.

“Do you offer any type of follow-up coaching?”

Most definitely! The Health Coaching Pack comes with up to one hour/week of follow-up calls during the first 30 days.  During those calls, I am free to answer questions, monitor your child’s progress, offer encouragement and provide additional health education resources as needed.

“What happens after the first 30 days?”

Our clients are encouraged to continue their child’s nutritional program long after 30 days. This is essential for continued progress and provides a strong foundation for prevention.

All of our clients have FREE access to the following:

  • Our monthly Wellness Newsletter (via Email).
  • Targeted online health education resources

“Can I fill out more than one assessment if I have another child?”

Yes. You will be given the link and password once you purchase the Coaching Pack and can fill it out again for another person in your household. However, I do require payment for each assessment that you submit as the coaching calls will take more time.

Our Symptom Assessment & Health Coaching Pack gives you:

  • Access to our Online Kids’ (or Adult) Symptom Assessment
  • A 1-hour Health Coaching appointment to go over the assessment and provide a recommended starting place.
  • For those who continue with our recommended program:
    • Weekly check-in calls (up to 60 min each) as you navigate your first 30 days
    • Monthly Wellness Newsletters, and online health education resources.
    • Health benefits in 30 days or your money back!

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