We Are Passionate About Three Areas

Reclaiming Vitality is about experiencing prosperity in three main areas of our lives so that we can make the most of the one life we've been given. We offer coaching and resources to help support your journey!

Physical Vitality

We believe excellent nutrition through diet and smart supplementation is crucial to optimal health.

Financial Vitality

We believe in the power of strategic network marketing & entrepreneurship for financial health and freedom.

Spiritual Vitality

We believe in the power of God's Word, as inspired through the Bible, to change lives.

Empowering Families to Reclaim Vitality.

Curious to know how we help people thrive in their health and in their finances? Take a look at what we are doing!

Health & Business Testimonies

We will let the stories of life change speak for themselves...
Bethany Stewart

Bethany Stewart

A Family's Health Transformation

"To be a part of this team, this community of people, is so extraordinary. They are a group of people whose vision and mission is really about helping people to total wellness." [CLICK FOR VIDEO]

Cathy Peyton

Cathy Peyton

Business Owner

Cathy's story focuses on the many lives that she has been able to impact through her business! Amazing stories of transformation and life change. [CLICK FOR VIDEO]


Kristen Johnson-Jones

Breaking the Cycle of Sickness

Kristen shares her transformative health journey and how that has given her a new mission and vision for the future! She is an up and coming leader in our Dynamic Family Global team. [CLICK FOR VIDEO]

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