“I Believe.”: The Greatest Miracle

Nothing cuts deeper than the death of a loved one in his prime.



So much expectation, potential, and promise are gone in a flash. Without warning, a car crash, terminal disease, or a bizarre, freak accident shatters unfulfilled dreams.

What follows is an empty pit in the stomach, a gut-wrench ache in the soul, a void where confusion and sorrow rush to fill. No words of solace can relieve the pain.

That was Mary and Martha’s reality one cold winter’s day in John 11. Their brother, Lazarus, lay sick on his deathbed. Doctors couldn’t help. (more…)

The Lure of Comfort

I read recently that “it is estimated that only five percent of those who say they have received a ‘call to missions’ actually make it to the mission field. The other ninety-five percent get sidetracked in some way” (Re-Entry, by Peter Jordan). For one reason or another, “life” has gotten Read more…