Healthy Eating Tips From The Germans

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We lived in southern Germany for four years–the state of Bavaria. This was really our first introduction to European culture and food, and there are many healthy eating tips to learn from the Germans.

Buy Fresh Grainy Breads.

German pastries

Our daughter, Alece, and our friend, Jessica, enjoying fresh German pastries

One thing we grew to love was going to the market or bakery (bäckerei) each morning for freshly baked bread and pastries.

The breads and rolls come in all types, from pumpkinseed rolls to large hearty loafs.

These breads, because of their lack of preservatives, never really lasted past the first day. In fact, we had several leftover pieces that–after a few days–could really cause harm if thrown across the room.

Local bäckereis abound in every town and city, so you never have to go without for very long.

There’s a lot to be said for eating freshly baked bread. Preservatives and additives provide absolutely zero health benefit and are only there to make things last longer. And when you can make your own fresh bread, you have much greater control over the fiber content.

How to Make German Breads At Home

There is this vollkorn bread in Germany that is so dense with grains, you just know it’s helping your system move along better. And so many of these were really flavorful too when you added some soft cheese or jam on top.

Eat Your Largest Meal at Mid-Day.

Lunch in the Alps

Eating a large afternoon meal is especially true when you are on the slopes all day!

Many German families keep to the tradition of eating their largest meal at lunchtime. It probably has become harder for families to get everyone together for this meal each day–with people becoming more transient and mobile–however I still believe it is a good healthy eating tip to incorporate whenever possible.

If my husband is home in the afternoon, I often will make a larger lunch where we all sit down together. Then, at dinner time, the meal can be somewhat smaller. This is more often a habit for us on Sundays, when we have no real agenda to be anywhere.

So often in America, the case is that people go long work days with eating very little and then gorge themselves on large meals in the evening. This type of habit actually contributes to many blood sugar issues, including the rise of diabetes. Not a very sustainable eating pattern, for sure.


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