How To Bake With Shaklee Protein

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We supplement daily with Shaklee protein for numerous reasons, including added energy, avoidance of mid-day blood sugar drops, their high quality standards, and all the proven health benefits of soy. I have also grown to love the versatility and variety of the Shaklee protein line. They have several different types of protein–some with or without natural sweeteners and flavors. This variety makes them easy to add to your baking recipes or shakes.

Baking Substitutions

ShakleeproteinWhen you have a flour that is equal or similar in protein content to another, the baking substitution could be 1:1 without much difference in your final outcome. However, because the Shaklee protein options are much higher in their percentage, you cannot do a 1:1 substitution. The amount of protein changes the texture or density of your baked good.

As a general guideline, you can substitute up to HALF the flour with Shaklee’s Instant Protein in most of your baking recipes.

Protein Content Comparison
Standard Flours Shaklee Protein
Bread Flour: 14-16% Instant Protein Soy Mix: 76%
All-Purpose Flour: 10-12% Energizing Soy: 50%
Pastry Flour: 9% 180 Life Shake: 37%
Whole Wheat Flour: 16%

Why Not Reheat?

As a general guideline, while it is ok to bake with the protein, you don’t want to reheat your supplemented food products.

no microwaveOverheating the soy protein can destroy the beneficial amino acids and render the food carcinogenic (as is the case with Textured Vegetable Protein). So cooking it once at a heat around 350 degrees or less is ok. But you certainly don’t want to zap your protein-packed muffins in the microwave. If you want to serve them warm, it’s better to reheat them slowly in an oven set on “warm” or eat them right away.

Tasty Recipes Using Shaklee Protein

Are you already using Shaklee protein at home and need some creative ideas? Or perhaps you are still new to the idea of using supplemental protein at home. Either way, these recipes are sure to please both the large and small people in your home.

Sweet Buttermilk Frozen Waffles (Vanilla Energizing Soy)

Classic Crumbly Peanut Butter Cookies (Vanilla Energizing Soy)

Soy Protein Peanut Butter Balls …no baking required on this one! (Vanilla Energizing Soy)

Easy Crepes For Kids…oooo, la, la!  (Instant Protein)

High-Protein Sugar-Free Muffin Mix (Instant Protein)

High Protein Banana Oat-Choco Muffins (Instant Protein)

Share Your Own Baking Tips, Recipes, or Questions Below!


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