Five Stomach Soothing Herbal Remedies For Kids

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Tummy aches and nausea happen quite often in childhood. That’s a fact. Kids are presented with a lot of junk food, candy-coated options now a days. Combine those options with very little self control, and you can end up with a big stomach ache. Stomach soothing herbal remedies can be your child’s quick ticket back to the land of peace!


ginger stomach soothing herbal remedies

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Ginger is a time-honored remedy for upset stomachs and nausea. A small piece of pickled ginger can be helpful right away and is easy to keep on-hand in the fridge. You can buy this at Asian food stores or near the fresh sushi section of your grocery. Ginger powder (look for Zingiber officinale root) is the most concentrated and effective in tablet form. These can be swallowed or crushed and used as a tea.


peppermint tea for stomach soothingA peppermint tea for stomach soothing is wonderful. If you won’t be making your own peppermint tea from scratch, be sure to find a quality brand of tea that you trust to have the freshest ingredients. Also “a drop of peppermint oil on the tongue provides excellent relief from nausea and motion sickness.”[1. Phyllis A. Balch CNC, Prescription for Nutritional Healing,Penguin Group, New York, 2010, p. 591.]


Anise seed as stomach soothing herbal remedyIf you haven’t heard of anise before, perhaps you’re familiar with the taste of black licorice? Anise tastes very similar, though it is not the same as liquorice root extract. Anise can provide upset stomach relief. Anise seeds can easily be found in the spice aisle of your grocery store. These seeds can be chewed whole or crushed and sprinkled on food. I can’t say that most kids would tolerate chewing the seeds whole. I’ve only ever used the powdered form of Anise seed with my kids in this wonderful stomach soothing supplement from Shaklee.
parsley as stomach soothing herbal remedy


A few sprigs of fresh parsley can also provide relief from indigestion. These can be chewed whole or crushed and added to your soothing peppermint tea.


Fresh fennel or powdered fennel seed can be an effective stomach soothing herbal remedy. Fennel is the funny looking root that resembles organ valves. Fennel can be washed and sliced into small strips that are refreshing to chew. If you’re looking for a powdered fennel seed, be sure to look for “Foeniculum vulgare.”fennel as stomach soothing herbal remedy

Which Stomach Soothing Herbal Remedies Work Best For Your Kids?

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