The Key to Preparing Healthy Meals

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Meal Planning


It may sound like a four-letter word if you already feel crunched for time. But without this step in your weekly and daily calendar, you will fail miserably at preparing healthy meals. Most families today are also on limited grocery budgets, so again, without the planning, you’ll feel forced to buy cheaper and less nutritious foods.

I’m not saying that I always get my planning absolutely right each week, but it’s certainly something I strive for all the time.

Step 1: Organize Your Recipes

Having an organizing system for your recipes is really important.  Even more important is to have a system that works for you and your personality.  I have tried many cool organizing systems and tips over the years until I found the one that I could stick with.  When my system gets unorganized and I can’t find the recipes I need quickly, I start to feel really overwhelmed.  It becomes frustrating.

So, here is a quick video on how I organize my recipes.  But just take it as a tip.  If it works for you, great;  If not, keep looking for a way that makes sense for you.


Step 2: Plan Your Meal Calendar Each Week

At the beginning of each shopping week (ours starts on Wednesday to coincide with the sales at a local farmers market), write down what meals you want to have and when.  I find it helpful to write down any evenings where we will be out or my husband will be gone, as these affect what type of meal I make that night.  You can make similar notes on your meal calendar too.

As you create your meal calendar, make your shopping list at the same time.  When I write down a specific meal, I quickly look over the recipe and see what I need to have on-hand.  The items I need go directly on to my shopping list.  Check out this quick video about what I use and how I make our calendar.


Step 3: Meal Preparation & Time-Saving Tip

When you are preparing healthy meals for your family, this inevitably means you will be spending more time in the kitchen.  However, there are many ways to cut down on your prep time with a little forward thinking.

Each morning after breakfast, I take a quick look at our meal calendar to see what I had planned for that night or for my kids’ after-school snack. This way, I can be aware if there is any part of the recipe I can prepare ahead of time (ie. thaw the meat, chop up veggies, pick herbs from my garden, etc.).

Here’s a quick time-saving tip if you are new to preparing healthy meals!


Other Helpful Planning Resources

Emeals: Meal Planning Made Simple

This is a fabulous web resource, especially if you are new to meal planning and need ideas each week.
You can easily pick your own meal plan according to any specific diet needs. Then, you receive a meal plan for the entire month, and even your grocery shopping list and coupons for your favorite stores!
eMeals Meal Planning Made Simple

This site has an amazing wealth of recipe how-to knowledge.  I also love how I can search for a specific food and find a whole host of recipe ideas that may fit what I already have on-hand.  This is my go-to site when I have a new food and not sure what to do with it!

Plan To Eat: Drag and Drop Digital Meal Planning

I have not tried this menu planner and grocery list software yet, but I really like the idea.  I still like my pen and paper, so I’ve not switched over to the digital meal planning world yet. However, if you get overwhelmed wondering how to plan your meals and grocery list each week, this software compiles your list for you!  If you don’t yet have a system for planning, this just might be your “gold nugget.”
What tips and tricks do you use to prepare healthy meals each week? What new tip will you try out? Leave me a comment below!


Bonnie Hershey currently serves as a business and nutrition coach with their business, Hershey Holistic Health. She holds an undergrad degree in education, and a certification in Practical Nutrition from the Northwest Academy of Practical Nutrition. She has over 20 years of leadership experience and enjoys encouraging others in their personal growth.


Martin · May 10, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Good message Bonnie.
One thing I love about my wife is how she plans her meals.
She is organized and it helps keep our home running smoothly… (well as smooth as 4 little children will allow. 🙂

These are great tips!


    Bonnie (site owner) · May 10, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    Four kids, Martin! You guys have us beat. I’m sure I could learn some extra tips from your wife too!

Rachel Williamson · May 11, 2013 at 1:16 pm

Bonnie, love your videos….especially the spice rack in the background! You are doing a great thing for busy moms.

I am the eldest of 13 so learned to cook in LARGE batches….we will eat home made soup or chili for several days at a time :).

    Bonnie (site owner) · May 11, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Thanks so much, Rachel! Yes, large batches are super helpful for any family size :).

Linda O'Rourke · May 12, 2013 at 12:29 pm

Planning is crucial for any type of eating otherwise it will come to meal time and if you have nothing planned the likelihood is that you will eat rubbish. It is also helps with the shopping bills if you write a list as you are less likely to buy things you didn’t really want.

    Bonnie (site owner) · May 12, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    So true, Linda! Thanks for commenting!

Sigrid McNab · May 14, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Bonnie, this is so timely, especially as we are getting close to summer time. I love your tips and strategies and especially the video format!

    Bonnie (site owner) · May 14, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    Glad you liked it, Sigrid! Yes, summer can be a super busy time with kids at home. If i fail to plan, then I plan to fail in the healthy eating category.

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