Product Review Rubys Rockets

Product Review: Ruby’s Rockets Fruit And Vegetable Pops

“Mom, does popsicle mean sugar?” my inquisitive 5-year old son asked as he was eating one of Ruby’s Rockets popsicles.

I smiled and said, “No, not anymore.”

What kid doesn’t love frozen treats? I want to be able to purchase fun summer snacks for my kids, but trying to square my healthy-eating convictions with what I saw in the freezer case was always a challenge‚Ķuntil now.

I stumbled upon these new popsicles at Sprouts Farmers Market last week. (Ok, maybe “stumbled upon” is a poor description. I was carefully scrutinizing the nutrition labels of ALL the popsicles in the case, almost convinced I wasn’t going to find anything with less than 100% sugar calories.)