Top 10 Characteristics of Good Leaders


“You learn far more from negative leadership than from positive leadership. Because you learn how not to do it. And, therefore, you learn how to do it.”

~ Norman Schwarzkopf, US Army General, Persian Gulf War

  1. “The Buck Stops Here” Mentality – Good leaders always accept responsibility for events occurring on their watch. They never blame their predecessors. Neither do they unfairly and disingenuously mischaracterize their opponents. (more…)

How to Change the World, 4/4

(Summary: In these series of posts, I’ve attempted to raise an important issue facing Christian leaders today, specifically how we go about fulfilling our cultural mandate in a fallen world. Then I offered a critique of the common assumptions and solutions for how the Church has historically sought to bring about lasting change. Seeing that the Church has embraced a definition of culture that is woefully inadequate, James Davison Hunter suggests culture is so complex that no one person or group can possibly hope to transform the culture. This brings us to this post where we will finally discover the best solution for world change.)


That’s right. I said it. We can’t change the world. (more…)

The Brass Tacks of “Gravitas”

Alece and I on her first field trip….Yes, I got to drive the bus!


I like specifics.

Whenever I take a group of kids on a trip with the school bus or drive the band to football games or competitions, the district always provides me with specific details: punch-in time, load-time, directions, and maps.

Such information empowers me to get the job done well.

So when it comes to building “gravitas” – that is weightiness of the soul – exactly how do we go about collecting spiritual mass? (more…)

Seminary and the Soul

Someone recently made this comment:

“People do what you inspect; not what you expect.”

For weeks now this simple statement has echoed in my head like a yodeler’s mountain call.

It forces me to examine life anew.

I begin with seminary.

Seminary has surprised me. The things I thought I would learn are quite different from the things I’m actually learning. For example, I expected seminary to be a rich season of abiding spiritual intimacy with the Father. Certainly professors expect their students to remain “connected to the vine.” They expect us to maintain all the good Christian disciplines. (more…)