How to Change the World, 4/4

(Summary: In these series of posts, I’ve attempted to raise an important issue facing Christian leaders today, specifically how we go about fulfilling our cultural mandate in a fallen world. Then I offered a critique of the common assumptions and solutions for how the Church has historically sought to bring about lasting change. Seeing that the Church has embraced a definition of culture that is woefully inadequate, James Davison Hunter suggests culture is so complex that no one person or group can possibly hope to transform the culture. This brings us to this post where we will finally discover the best solution for world change.)


That’s right. I said it. We can’t change the world. (more…)

How to Change the World, 3/4

In a previous post, I asked the question, “Precisely how do we define culture?”

This question is important for Scripture gives the Church a clear cultural mandate to bring all of creation under the rule and dominion of God.

Obviously ours is a paradise lost. Therefore, in order to redeem, or transform, that which is lost we must first be clear about what culture is. Or, in order to defeat your opponent you must first know your opponent.

I appreciate the insights of James Hunter in his book To Change the World.[1] He shatters the common definitions of culture, and proposes a more refined understanding that I believe better reflects reality. He defines culture as: (more…)

How to Change the World, 2/4

For Christian leaders, I submit there are fewer questions more worthy of thoughtful consideration than how the church goes about fulfilling its cultural mandate.

It is not that the question is new because nearly all denominations and para-church organizations share a deep desire to change the world for the better. But good intentions are not good enough. How we answer this question is just as important as the mandate itself.

Hang with me for second. (more…)