Punished for Doing Right?

Ever feel like you can’t get anything right?

I thought of this question again when I read how one father’s afternoon went recently. He was taking his young son to feed the ducks at a nearby lake. In typical toddler zeal, his boy raced out of the family’s 2006 Jeep Commander as soon as it came to “rest”. Unknown to the lad, he was dashing straight towards a 35′ cliff. In desperation, the father fled the vehicle, rescuing his boy just feet from the edge.

So far, this dad’s 2 for 2 in my book. Not only was he spending time with his son, but he also showed fatherly care by saving his boy from injury. (more…)

The Path Less Traveled Sparks Ongoing Debate

Why the Ten Commandments can’t be cut to six | Fox News.

Lauren Green, FoxNews Contributor

So this news piece by Lauren Green caught my eye. The thesis of her article concerning a U.S. District Judge’s attempt to resolve a dispute between the ACLU and the Giles Country, Viginia School District by eliminating the first four Commandments is to explain how doing so ultimately empties the last six of their authoritative value. In other words, the Judge’s suggestion will not work. Ms Green is arguing that the 10 Commandments must be taken as a whole and must not be separated for diplomatic expediency. She makes a great point.

Certainly God knew this when he inspired Moses to write them down on stone tablets. (more…)