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Online Symptom & Diet Assessments

Overweight KidsOur online assessments take about 5 minutes to complete but give you a wealth of individualized feedback on your child’s current nutritional needs and how those are affecting your child’s health symptoms. These are the perfect resource for parents who are either new to our services OR already using our proven nutritional products and just need more guidance. We offer symptom assessments for adults as well if you would like to do one for yourself.

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One-On-One Health Coaching–$49.97

Of the nearly 72% of Americans who use supplements on a daily basis, only 5% have any professional guidance.[1. Brouse, R. An Introduction to Practical Nutrition. 2011.] As a result, most people never experience the life-changing benefits of targeted nutritional product use.

This is the power of personal health coaching:

  • Liberate your kids from prescription medications
  • Mom-to-mom encouragement and peace of mind
  • Receive specific guidance as to what your child’s program needs to look like to see results
  • Gain the benefit from nearly 10 years of personal experience in nutritional healing and 50+ years of scientific research
  • Save time and money by cutting down your trial and error

You can purchase a personal health coaching session with me at any time by clicking here. I visit with you over the phone or Skype (whichever you prefer) and share how you can help your child (or yourself) see the most effective, speedy results. If you choose to use our nutritional program and products, you can receive unlimited follow-up calls at no extra charge.

I value the personal coaching process, because this is, by far, where families see the fastest results and the largest life-change.

Live Nutrition Education Workshops (5-person minimum)

work with us: Nutrition WorkshopsDo you have a group of parents who would be interested in learning how to apply targeted nutrition programs to their child’s needs? My live workshops take on a variety of forms, depending on the needs and interests of the group. I’ve taught at schools, health clinics, and in peoples’ homes.

Some examples might be:

  • A mom’s group that wants to learn some easy ways to boost their child’s immune system for the coming school year.
  • An allergy support group that wants to hear how to apply a nutritional alternative to medication.

My workshops can include free symptom and diet assessments for all participants, in addition to discounts on personal health coaching and nutritional products. Yowza!

To discuss a workshop possibility in your area and pricing options, please contact me below with your name and phone number.

Our Currently Scheduled Upcoming Classes & Nutrition Workshops

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Private and Group Cooking Classes

Kids rolling out doughI enjoy sharing my love for cooking with those who are eager to get messy and learn a ton! Cooking fresh, nutritious foods is a key life-skill and essential to preventing disease, feeling your best, and reaching a healthy weight.

Cooking classes are very interactive and can be done in my home or yours! I work with both adults and kids.

Our Current Location: Omaha, Nebraska

This class can be tailored to your needs and interests! For more information, please contact me below.

What Are Parents Saying?

“Thank you for your guidance when it comes to my health. I have felt so much better since I have started with your products. I have found a good place and balance and that means so much to me.” ~ Deb R., wife and mom

“Thank you so much for helping us with our health needs. You have gone over and above to make help for David and Georgie possible! I deeply appreciate the nutrition consultation, your planning help, and the many other ways you have reached out to us in kindness. You’re one in a million!” ~ Rachel B., wife and mom

Contact Me About Setting Up a Workshop or Cooking Class!

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