The Brass Tacks of “Gravitas”

Alece and I on her first field trip….Yes, I got to drive the bus!


I like specifics.

Whenever I take a group of kids on a trip with the school bus or drive the band to football games or competitions, the district always provides me with specific details: punch-in time, load-time, directions, and maps.

Such information empowers me to get the job done well.

So when it comes to building “gravitas” – that is weightiness of the soul – exactly how do we go about collecting spiritual mass? (more…)

“Gravitas”: The Whole Soul

If it is true that “people do what we inspect, not what we expect,” then exactly how do we monitor spiritual progress? How do we move from product-oriented metrics to process-oriented ones?

Let me begin by looking at the term “gravitas.” Craig Barnes defines it this way:

“[It is] a soul that has developed enough spiritual mass to be attractive, like gravity…. [Gravitas] has everything to do with wounds that have healed well, failures that have been redeemed, sins that have been forgiven, and thorns that have settled into the flesh.”[1]