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Soy Isolate Done Right Part 3: Soy Protein Processing Steps

In the first post of this soy series, I discussed why the processing of the soy isolate matters. Then I dove into how the soybean is grown. Now I transition to sharing what happens to get the soybean into your protein shake. What are the necessary steps? Why do these steps matter to your health?

Soy Protein Powder Processing Steps

The processing of the soy bean starts at the point of seed all the way to the finished soy protein powder (or isolate). Each step along the way has certain markers of quality.  You will quickly be able to see that the differences matter.

Isolating The Soy Protein

This first step involves separating (more…)

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Soy Isolate Done Right Part 2: Is Non-GMO Enough?

In my first post, I talked about why the processing of soy isolate matters to our health. Now I turn my attention to the first step in the processing with how the soybean is grown. The differences in soy isolate protein begin with the growth of the seed.

Soy Bean Growth: GMO, Non-GMO, and IPP

soybean crop growth:gmo,non-gmo,and IPP

Photo Credit: Hernani Larrea via Compfight cc

Soy beans typically fall into one of the following three categories: (more…)

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Soy Isolate Done Right Part 1: Processing Makes All The Difference

Information about soy protein is all over the internet. However, much of the news out there about soy is often misunderstood.  This series is my best attempt to sift out the fact from the fiction. I will gladly update this series as I learn new information.  

Soy foods today come in numerous forms, and I could do a whole blog series on each one. For this series, I chose to focus on one of the most concentrated forms of protein and one that is most popularly used as a supplement to a healthy diet–the soy isolate protein.

What Is Soy Isolate Protein?


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5 Of The Worst Convenience Holiday Foods And How To Avoid Them

The holiday season is upon us, and all the grocery stores are lined with their special displays of the most popular holiday foods. You’ve probably already been by the holiday baking display or the dress-your-turkey shelves of canned goods and boxed potatoes.

Upon a closer look, though, many of these “convenience” foods turn out to be not-so-convenient for our family’s health. In fact, we end up paying a very high price for the convenience of certain holiday foods.

So, while we were out shopping the other day, I decided to investigate several of these popular holiday picks. (My kids were a bit embarrassed by my food photography, but hey, it’s worth it if I can help our readers be more nutrition-savvy!) (more…)

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52 Healthy Eating Tips For Families

Diet changes can be overwhelming when you are just starting out. It can be confusing to know what to change, when, and how much. In fact, all the confusion and information can lead to paralysis, where you end up doing nothing at all. Eating healthy is so crucial to good health that you can’t afford to stand still. So we’ve put together some great easy-to-implement healthy eating tips for families.

Now, obviously, if you try to do all these at once, you will certainly fail. So, read through the list, and then just pick two.  You can read more about that below.

  1. When you purchase ground beef, choose the 93% lean over the 85%.
  2. Buy 2% milk instead of whole milk.
  3. Hide the candy jar.
  4. Reduce the juice intake to one serving a day. Serve water instead.
  5. Keep a bowl of fresh whole fruit within easy reach throughout the day (ie. apples, bananas, plums etc.)
  6. (more…)