Flaxseed Oatmeal

Our kidsĀ loveĀ oatmeal. I think it’s because they feel full and satisfied with warm little tummies. So, this version of oatmeal really evolved over time as I kept trying to add new things and boost the nutritional value even more. I think I finally found one that they all enjoy!  

Backyard Salad

Ok, so a “Backyard Salad” may not sound very appetizing–especially if you own a dog. Sorry to create an unpleasant picture for dog owners. However if you have any edible plants in your yard, you can add them to this lovely green salad and make it your own creation.

We created this simple salad the other day with items from our backyard veggie garden. It can be duplicated as is, or you can use whatever items you have on-hand in your own kitchen or garden!